Gym Cleaning Ideas
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Gym Cleanliness Standards

Obviously a gym is a wet and damp environment where perspiration helps to create an indeal environment for mold, mildew, bacteria, germs and viruses. As a gym owner, you can make sure your premises reach the highest levels of cleanliness. Read on to learn more!

Germs Frequently Found In Gyms

  • Dermatophytosis – a fungal infection of the skin also known as atheletes foot when it is located there and commonly referred to as tinea, jock itch and ringworm
  • Influenza – an airborne virus that multiples when it reaches the human respiratory tract having first been inhaled
  • Staphylococcus saprophyticus – bacteria that is a frequent cause of infections of the urinary tract
  • Staphylococcus aureus (golden staph) – a common bacterium that causing a wide range of maladies that lives on human skin
  • Salmonella – an illness that is gastrointestinal in nature whose symptoms include diarrhea, fever and vomiting
  • Rhinoviruses – viruses that cause many types of respitory infections as well as common colds

Gym Hygiene By The Numbers

Studies reported by the Australian Broadcast Company in 2016 showed:

  • Free weights contained 362 tiems more germs than an average toilet seat
  • Compared to public bathrooms, treadmilles had 74 times more bacteria on its surface
  • Compared to a tray from a food court, an exercise bike had 39 times more bacteria on its surface

In 2013 guide to health club cleanliness, the following statistics came to light:

  • 56% of gym members expect their gyms to be germ free environments
  • Gyms spending 4% of their total budget on housekeeping made greater profit and had less customer attrition than those who only allocated 3% of their total budget to housekeeping
  • Satisfaction ratings dropped 40 percent (83% to 43%) when the gym had a customer perception of being unclean nd retention rates fell over 40 percent as well from 90% to 52%.

Hygiene Regulations

Unlike resturants there are no legal and enforceable government standards but many gyms abide by the notion their service standards must protect the health of the customer and a regular cleaning schedule is part of that.

Hygiene For Gym Owners

  • If you’re building a new gym from the ground up or remodelling an existing building, try and incorporate elements in the design that will contribute to cleanliness and overall health. For example, you could include a high-filtration vacuum system to remove dirt and germs on floors and hard surfaces and a shower room with good drainage to deter bacteria and fungi. Good ventilation is also important for reducing moisture and damp.
  • Create a cleaning schedule and adhere to it strictly. Hourly cleaning tasks could include checking for rubbish, spot cleaning equipment and making sure towels and coverings are being utilised. Daily tasks might include vacuuming, wiping down and disinfecting equipment and cleaning showers, toilets and changing rooms. Weekly tasks could include checking for wear and tear in seats and coverings, checking fixtures and fittings and mopping and scrubbing floors and deep cleaning carpets.
  • Educate your staff (and particularly your cleaning staff) about the importance of ultra-cleanliness. Show them the correct way to clean and maintain gym equipment and make sure they know about and pay particular attention to hot spots where bacteria, viruses, and fungi can accumulate, such as door handles, mats and hand weights.
  • Educate your customers as well. Make it known that your gym is a clean and healthy facility and post signs requesting that patrons make use of the hand sanitiser and use the wipes provided to wipe down equipment after use.
  • Pay particular attention to showers and locker rooms in your daily cleaning schedule. This is where steam creates the damp environment that germs, mould and bacteria love. If possible, install a ventilation or dehumidifying system that will dissipate steam and keep the air relatively dry.
  • Have the right cleaning equipment. Use hospital-grade cleaners containing at least 10% bleach, but ensure they are not corrosive on metal or sprayed or wiped too close to sensitive electronic components in your gym equipment. If you have large hardwood courts and open floor spaces, consider purchasing heavy duty polishers and scrubbers to make you’re cleaning as cost-effective as possible.


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